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Swiss Knife [1.1.7] for After Effects Crack macOSX With Keys Download

Swiss Knife Crack MacOSX (Latest Version) Free Download

Swiss Knife mac crack

The is fully equipped with 20 tools that can be used in countless ways.

A Swiss knife is a tool and unlimited possibilities
Play with 4 groups, including parallax, interactor, filler, and prop.
Use it for projects, character animation, video editing, templates, or UI / UX animation.


  • The primary purpose of this group of tools is to make parallax animation as easy as possible.
  • Parallax 2D will create a false parallax effect with 2D layers if you don’t want to transition to 3D.
  • Parallax 3D performs an accurate 3D distribution between near and far distances, which you can manually enter.
  • The main feature of the extruder is that it can extrude from aggregates.
  • A stack is an excellent option for creating linear stacks in 2D or 3D.


  • Interactions are beneficial for creating interdependent animations.
  • A dependency is an excellent tool for making any animation dependent on any other property.
  • The interactor places its position-based animation between the last selected layer and the others.
  • Animaker allows you to put animation depending on markers.
  • The offset will animate all parameters with the same value but with a time delay.
  • The revolver takes the rotation of the objects and links them to the main thing.

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