DriveDx [1.11.0] Crack For Mac (Latest 2022) Free Download

DriveDx [1.11.0] Crack MacOSX Torrent (2022) Download

DriveDx [1.8.2] for mac free

With DriveDx installed on your Mac device, you need not worry about loosing your important data, music, or any photographs. Most importantly, you will get to know before your drive is going to fail because DriverDX for mac is able to track indicators of impending failure better than any other product on the market for both SSDs and HDDs.

Application Features:

  1. Disk Advanced Disk Detection: Regular diagnostic tools easily S.M.A.R.T. They are integrated. Drive mode, which provides the user with little information about the actual state of the physical drive. Unlike such tools, DriveDx analyzes the current state of the drive using all drive honesty indicators that most likely report a possible drive problem (eg, SSD wear/write, I / O error resistance, Replacement parts, repayment of bad parts, etc.
  2. Drive Status Detection (Before Release): Unlike most other tools, DriveDx not only detects “OK / Verified” and “Failed” drive integrity, but also “Drive (Before Fall)” drive status. Thanks to this, you will detect problems much sooner than using other SMART monitoring tools. This means that you will most likely back up your important data before any data loss occurs.
  3. Real-time drive health monitoring: DriveDx runs in the background and performs regular checks to determine the health of your SSD or hard drive. It alerts you immediately when a problem or problem is noticed. DriveDx acts as the “primary warning system” for problems waiting for the drive. So, most likely, back up your important data before any data loss occurs.
  4. Initial alert system: DriveDx has a special multi-step alert system that notifies the user of a deviation from the normal status of drive attributes. It constantly monitors every S.M.A.R.T. (And dynamism is its change) and when the reader is destroyed, it constantly warns the user. In the early stages of disk destruction, the user receives Warning-type notifications, then Fail (meaning that this disk setting is in pre-failure mode) and only then is it done.
  5. Drive Self Tests: DriveDx allows you to perform and control SSD / HDD diagnostic tests. The main purpose is to quickly identify the reader’s defect. Typically, self-tests include a set of test procedures, such as electrical and / or mechanical performance tests, as well as drive performance testing. Depending on the type of self-examination, the scan reads a small area or the entire support
  6. Support for modern SSDs and hard drives: When evaluating the status of different drives, DriveDx can use a variety of exploration algorithms depending on the drive model and even the version of the operating system. One of the most important advantages of this software is that the status of hard drives and SSDs is evaluated using different algorithms, because many indicators of the status of hard drives are not useful and do not make sense to them. SSD drives.
  7. Automatic reports via email: The user can receive notifications of problems and generate status reports via email. The report can be adjusted according to different criteria. Thanks to this feature, the user no longer needs physical access to a specific computer, which is especially useful for a variety of server rooms, data centers, and so on.
  8. Modern, Aesthetic, and user-friendly interface: DriveDx is one of the first diagnostic tools to be created in real Mac style. All the elements of the interface are clear and visual, so it only takes a few minutes to learn the basics and start using the program. When a problem is detected, you will see a notification on the desktop and the status bar will show the status of your disks.
  9. Free disk space monitoring: Mac OS X and applications may crash due to inability to allocate storage space. In addition, the low disk space can cause the disk to fragment. To prevent data loss and computer crashes, it’s important to monitor the amount of storage space on your disk. DriveDx can automatically monitor the free disk space and alerts users immediately if it exceeds the user’s free space threshold.
  10. DriveDx Key Evaluation Criteria: DriveDx calculates various assessments of the current status of the main drive characteristics (percentage values): disk health index, disk performance index, and left SSD life index (in the case of SSD). Thanks to these features, users can now better understand the current state of their player.

Application ScreenShots:

DriveDx [1.8.2] for mac free

DriveDx [1.8.2] for mac free

Installation Guide:

  • Click one of the given download links.
  • A cracked file will appear.
  • Install it normally.
  • That’s it. Have fun!
  • Keep Visiting us for more useful tools and Mac games.

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