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parallels toolbox for mac free download

It provides high-quality tools at a fraction of the cost of individual applications, all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface. Parallels Toolbox for Mac is an easy-to-use and low-cost program. For macOS, a strong and lightweight universal program with over 30 powerful tools! When giving a presentation, stay focused. You can turn off those obnoxious pop-ups and leaping icons right away. Clean Drive can help you clear up space on your computer by optimizing its storage. Duplicate files can be found and deleted to free up space on your computer. Downloading a video from the Internet allows you to watch it offline. Take screenshots or capture videos with a single click to cut and paste activities quickly. The Mac version of Parallels Toolbox is now available for download!

Parallels Toolbox for teams:
You can provide your team with task-based applications that are simple to purchase, deploy, and maintain. Parallels Toolbox is essential and helps your team handle everyday projects quickly and easily. It comes with over 30 tools, can be used for Mac and PC, and has a simple pricing model. You may be a small business owner, a team leader, or a project manager, but stop buying individual task-based applications and try this application instead. New tools are constantly being added, and you can pick and choose which ones to use. The Parallels Toolbox is easy to implement and maintain, and your team will find it very easy to get used to it and starts using it right away.

Presentation Mode:
You can make your presentation more effective if you are giving it in presentation mode. It hides any unwanted notifications, disables the animation in the MacOS® dock, and even prevents the screen from freezing. Streamline setup with presentation mode, which can detect external screens or projectors and turn on (or adjust for a certain period of time) when they are present.

Clean Drive:
What happened to the computer? You can speed up your computer by scanning and cleaning caches, logs, and temporary files with Clean Drive. You are in complete control of what is deleted or left since this tool won’t automatically delete anything.

Find Duplicates:
Get more disk space by removing the duplicate files everyone accumulates over time. By avoiding manual sorting and searching, you will save time. You can view the duplicate files and delete the ones you don’t need to.

Download Video:
You can easily upload videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other sources. Several videos can be uploaded with high quality simultaneously (up to 1080p). Videos at any time, anywhere, should be available to students, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.


parallels toolbox for mac free download

parallels toolbox for mac free download

Features and Highlights:

  • Presentation mode turns off distractions for a better presentation. The Presentation Mode tool can automatically detect external displays and turn them on.
  • Hide desktop:
    Hide all files, folders, and other icons on the desktop when you make a presentation, share or record your screen, or take screenshots.
  • Take video:
    Record instant video from a computer camera.
  • Make GIF:
    Easily create and customize animated GIFs from videos. Set the start and endpoints, add subtitles, select a frame rate and size, and instantly save to your desktop.
  • Do not sleep:
    Prevents the computer from entering hibernation and reducing screen brightness. Make sure that the task or presentation does not interrupt by disabling settings that allow the computer to enter sleep mode.
  • Please do not disturb:
    Avoid distractions so you can focus on the task. When activated, all notifications and animations of the Dock application are disabled.
  • Download video:
    Download your favorite videos from the Internet: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
  • Convert video:
    Optimize your home movies or TV shows for iPad or iPhone.
  • Screenshot Page:
    Take screenshots of any web page, regardless of its length, in one image file. Ability to add a button to the Safari toolbar.
  • The drive is clean:
    Keeps your Mac smoothly and runs at maximum speed. Scans detect and allow you to choose what to delete.
  • Find duplicates:
    Search on any drive or folder to quickly find identical files (even with different names) and free up disk space.
  • Free memory:
    Free up unused computer memory.
  • Archive your files:
    One-click file compression to use less storage space. Unzip any archive, RAR, ZIP, and more.
  • Download audio:
    Download audio files from the Internet to your computer. It works with 30 tracks and automatically detects multiple tracks.
  • To photograph:
    Take a picture of a computer camera.
  • Lock screen:
    Lock the screen immediately to prevent unauthorized access to your computer without waiting for the password-protected screen saver to activate.
  • Extract Volumes:
    Remove all volumes attached to your desktop, including local removable volumes, such as external hard drives and memory cards, network volumes, and mounted disk images.
  • Resize Image:
    Resize one or more images and convert images to various formats.
  • Launch:
    Open any collection of applications, documents, or other files at the same time with one click.
  • Time management:
    A set of practical and easy-to-use time management tools (a timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, and countdown) to help you work productively and complete tasks.
  • Air mode:
    Turn off wireless (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®) quickly and easily.

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What’s New?

Version 5.0.0:

  • This version of Parallels Toolbox for Mac (5.0.0) contains bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Installation Guide:

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  • Install it normally.
  • That’s it. Have fun!
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