Solemn Tones THE ODIN II OSX-JKST (Latest Version) Download

Solemn Tones THE ODIN II MacOSX Free Download

Solemn Tones THE ODIN
Whether you need to replace substandard guitar tracks, create a guitar song, or just create a professional-sounding demo, Odin ll lets you program your own riffs and chord progressions in no time.

  • Access to 17 different joints
  • Tracking through a world-class recording network
  • Sample commissioned from ESP LTD
  • No Kontakt or 3rd Party Sampler Required
  • Create pure DI for reamplification

Odin 2 was recorded using the Evertune bridge, which means you no longer have to worry about out-of-tune guitars.

Configurable for double C drop so you can access all relevant drop settings. No more unstable ropes!

Write new guitar parts or replace low-quality guitar tracks without leaving your desk (or tour bus). Don’t waste your time anymore!

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Solemn Tones THE ODIN II Torrent Download

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