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A cataclysmic tragedy nearly ripped your galaxy apart a few hundred years ago: an impassable ring of shredded hyperspace tissue developed in the galaxy’s center, which ordinary hyperspace engines couldn’t overcome.

Since that time, no one has been able to go close to the galaxy’s core. All you know is that the Event created numerous impassable hyperspace rifts around the galaxy, with a strange alien race known as the Xsotan emerging in the core. These aliens appear to have discovered a way to traverse hyperspace’s ripped fabric, but no one has been able to contact them thus far.

There are also reports that a weird new metal known as Avorion appeared in the galaxy’s core at the same period as Ixotan. The aliens, it appears, use this substance to construct their ships.

Start like no one else on the cliff’s edge and work your way to the galaxy’s core, which becomes riskier but also more rewarding as you approach closer. Avorion combines elements of sandbox games like X or Freelancer with cooperative multiplayer and the ability to create your own ships. It includes spacecraft composed of poorly scaled bricks that can be dynamically generated and battered into pieces in space combat.

To combat your foes, arm your ship with machine guns, lasers, and other weaponry, and take in the sights of entirely destructible ships crashing exactly where you hit them.

Defend your allies from pirates, hunt down foes for money, or even take part in faction battles. Collect resources from vanquished foes to enhance your ships, such as new turrets with special features such as auto-fire or bolt repairs, or system updates that let you mount even more weaponry. In your conflicts, construct hangars and command fighter squadrons, or destroy opposing cargo ships to grab their cargo.

In quest of secret treasures, fly through stunning nebulae and dense asteroid fields, and learn about the different groups that occupy and rule your slice of the galaxy. Each party has its own personality traits, such as tranquility, cleverness, or aggression, as well as distinct ships and stations.

Explore the galaxy at your leisure, looking for precious items in old shipwrecks, resource-rich unexplored asteroid fields, enormous asteroids you may claim to be, or uncovering what happened centuries ago during the Event.

Other than your ship’s resources, there is no limit to the size or intricacy of your ship. However, there is a creative option in which you can build whatever you want. You’re not bound by the conventional voxel style, and you won’t get bogged down in a lot of micromanagement if you create a spectacular ship in Avorion.

You may focus on creating a beautiful boat without having to worry about its performance. However, keep an eye on your boat’s maneuverability and power requirements. From small and fast scouts to highly armored battleships with robust shields, adapt your ship to its tactical objective. What’s the point of building just one ship? Create your own fleet of spaceships by hiring captains to command your ships, and manage troops, weaponry, hangars, and fighters.

To profit and climb up the food chain, use the cargo bay to expand your ship, find excellent bargains, and transfer over a hundred different items around the galaxy. Creating a fleet of specialized transport ships with plenty of cargo space will aid in the formation of a business firm.

Establish asteroid mining and factories to increase your galaxy’s influence by attracting NPC merchants who will buy and sell their wares at your facilities. Install trading systems that monitor trade routes, supply, and demand in many industries to become the galaxy’s wealthiest military commander!

Or are you fed up with being such a good boy? Simply raid cargo ships, transport illegal commodities, or work as a bounty hunter. You don’t have to address all of these issues by yourself! Avorion features cooperative multiplayer, so gather your friends and work together to create stations and defeat pirates and enemy factions!

Each requires a co-pilot, and they can handle ships jointly, with one controlling the steering wheel and the other firing the cannons. Collaborate to expand your influence throughout the galaxy and establish your own empire.
Alternatively, you may annihilate your friends in epic PvP bouts. You can do whatever you want in this litter box!

You are allowed to choose your own playstyle in Avorion.

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More Info:

  • Languages: English (audio), German (audio), Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
  • Version: Steam v1.1.4 (13.08.2020)
  • Cure: Nemirtingas Steam Emu

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