DropSync [3.2.1] For Mac (Latest 2021) Free Download

DropSync [3.2.1] Full Crack MacOSX Free Download

DropSync for mac

DropSync is for web developers, photography professionals, academics, and anyone who needs a fast, automated and customizable way to repeatedly copy files from one location to another. It works between removable hard drives, computers on the local network, and even between Macs and remote servers via SSH.

You can create a pair of folders and browse both sides with ease, even if one folder is on a remote server via FTP. Then select the items you want to include/exclude and click to update them in the desired direction. The preview shows exactly what will be changed, and once you make sure everything is working, you can set up DropSync to automatically preview the original folder and update it in the background.

Internally, DropSync executes the changes using an amazing synchronization tool. That said, the sync engine it’s as fast and memory-efficient as possible, and DropSync itself has worked hard to keep it responsive, even with massive syncs happening in the background.

Main Features Of DropSync (Latest Version):

  • Only the changed part of the file is transferred over the network at full speed.
  • Automated (one-way) synchronization when files change in the source folder.
  • Sftp-based browser to view and select folders on a remote computer.
  • Detailed searchable preview.
  • The status bar is the only mode that allows you to monitor and initiate sync without opening the main app.
  • Easily include/exclude subfolders using the built-in browser.
  • Nearly full support for custom rsync options.
  • AppleScript support allows you to create custom sync workflows.
  • Custom filters allow you to include or exclude files based on the pattern of the file name.
  • Searchable record of sync activity, including a detailed log of all changes.

What’s New Features in DropSync (2021):

  • You can access most of the default rsync options through an easy to understand configuration window.
  • Your app is now completely sandboxed, so you can’t touch the file unless you instruct the user.
  • All aspects of the user interface have been completely redesigned for simplicity and ease of use.


DropSync for mac

DropSync for mac

Basic Uses:

It is ideal for:

  • Duplicate files such as photos, music, and websites to a second computer, external hard drive, or remote server.
  • Update documents on the go to a USB stick.
  • Backing up files to a remote server. It works with any server that supports ssh, sftp and rsync.
  • It is a scientific application with large amounts of frequently updated data.
  • Web site mirroring from the remote host to local computer and vice versa.
  • Web development. Edit files locally and automatically upload them to the server efficiently.

System Requirements:

  • Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

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