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You can effortlessly Cut, Copy, and Paste (and more!) with PopClip. When you choose text, it displays a pop-up menu. PopClip is a small, minimalist status bar menu program that gives you rapid access to some basic but highly helpful word processing functions. When you highlight text with PopClip, it functions as a pop-up menu for your Mac device, allowing you to do dozens of tasks that are quicker to access and execute. You may learn more about PopClips by watching this video.

Choose options such as capitalizing all the selected text with one click, finding highlighted selections in the dictionary, or converting Markdown text to HTML according to your preference. Extensions are available for all of the following actions, among many others:

  • Create a new email or text message.
  • Perform numeric calculations.
  • Place quotation marks.
  • Create new Notes, Stickies, or OneNote entries.
  • Compose a tweet.
  • Format highlighting.
  • Create a new task within OmniFocus, Things 3, or Todo.
  • Capitalize specified text using typical spelling conventions.
  • Create calendar entries.
  • Search the selected string within one of numerous different browsers or translators.
  • Search for online vendors.
  • Search the selected string within the Maps app.
  • Search Wikipedia.
  • Enclose within brackets.
  • Track packages.
  • How do you configure PopClip?

The choice of setting up PopClip is up to you, but the actual process is straightforward. Simply download the extension from the PopClip site, click the blue OK button that appears on the screen (assuming PopClip is active) to enable the extension, and start using the corresponding action each time you highlight the text.

If you change your mind about the actions you want to use each time the text is highlighted, it’s easy to adjust the settings. Click on the PopClip icon in the macOS menu bar and click on the extension icon to adjust the active actions. You can also click the settings icon to change the size of the pop-up menu, or select the excluded icon to specify the applications from which the PopClip operation should be disabled.

How did you work without PopClip?

Just as Swiss Army knives and practical multi-tools become favorites among their owners, so do those programs. PopClip is useful and similar to many tools that must be seen and used to really appreciate it. Like Magnet, which allows you to quickly resize and relocate active windows, PopClip is one of those apps that, if you take a few minutes to install, you end up using it repeatedly throughout the day and wondering how you would live without it. For less than $ 10, I found PopClip to be a worthwhile bet, and I’m glad I made the bet.

Application ScreenShots:

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How to use:

  • Use your mouse pointer to select some text.
  • PopClip appears!


  • Get dictionary definitions and spelling corrections.
  • Small, fast, and convenient, PopClip is a great way to work with.
  • Adjust the size of the popover, from small to very large.
  • Instantly search the web for the text you select.
  • The beautifully rendered user interface looks great on your display.
  • Open web links with one click.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit.

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Installation Guide:

  • Click one of the given download links.
  • A cracked file will appear.
  • Install it normally.
  • That’s it. Have fun!
  • Keep Visiting us for more useful tools and Mac games.

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