xScope [4.5.1] Crack For Mac (Latest Version) Free Download

xScope [4.5.1] MacOSX Crack With Registration Key (2021) Torrent Download

Design & developers can use xScope Mac Crack to measure, inspect & test graphics and layouts on-screen because it was developed for them specifically. XScope’s toolbars, menubars, and hotkeys can be accessed by hovering over your desktop windows.

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The ten tools that will help you do your job faster and more accurately include:

  • It features a chromeless UI that does not interfere with working.
  • Preferences – Enable/disable user authentication requests.
  • Displays an icon or wallpaper mockup automatically on iOS.
  • Use an iOS device, AirPlay, or your wrist to view Photoshop files, files, and windows.

Text – New:

  • Several Text Conversion Formats are available such as output text in a string, encoding URLs, and entities.
  • Lines, characters, or web layouts: with font metrics & CSS.
  • With the most comprehensive Unicode search database ever, you can find any name or tag in any Unicode
  • character.
  • Character Palette – A convenient place to collect commonly used Unicode characters.
  • A program that decodes text entities, encodings, and constants.


  • Instantly determine the dimensions of anything on the screen.
  • An easy and quick way to find the distance between two objects.
  • Measured elements can be captured as screenshots.


  • By holding the control down, the screen will be snapped to the edges.
  • For convenient on-screen comparison, two rulers are synchronized.
  • Rotated ruler deltas are displayed.
  • Easily adjustable horizontally and vertically.
  • Rotation to a full 360 degrees.
  • Pixel measurements made easy with on-screen rulers.

Overlay – New:

  • Check the size of your design at all the scales used in your CSS using Cycle Breakpoints.
  • The mockup image is an overlay of your HTML and CSS code over a transparent background.
  • Supports iOS simulator for tests in Safari and native app development.
  • Develop your website faster and easier with the web browser extension.
  • Keeping your grids up-to-date with media queries is possible with Grids with Breakpoints.
  • Take a screenshot of your entire web page with this option.
  • Mark alignments in px, em, and pt as well as in percentages.

xScope latest crack

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  • You can define custom areas in any browser or OS.
  • You can easily see how much usable space there is on any screen size.
  • Modeling color blindness and presbyopia (age) in the user’s vision.
  • Create your own screens from pre-defined templates.
  • A range of platforms are covered, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & TV.
  • Simulate a normal display when using Retina displays with a de-scrutinizer.
  • The title and game safe areas on four- and sixteen-inch format TVs are displayed.


  • A window’s content or the position of the mouse can be locked.
  • Color swatches. ACO can be exported or imported for ease of reference.
  • Using Dimensions, you can measure magnified images quickly.
  • For reference, displays mouse cursor coordinates.
  • Color reference: view RGB data while using hex colors.
  • The cursor color is displayed in RGB, HSB, HEX, CSS3, rgb() & HTML.
  • Magnify any portion of the screen you are currently viewing.
  • With Shift-Cmd-C, create a running list of color swatches.
  • Modeling color blindness and presbyopia (age) in the user’s vision.


  • Pixels indicate the distance between the guides.
  • For future reference, the position of guides can be saved and loaded.
  • An upper- and lower-case vertical and horizontal guide that floats above all else.
  • Shows the position of the guide as a pixel.
  • Multimonitor compatibility.


  • Press the shift key in order to shrink a selection around on-screen content and create a frame.
  • The screen is topped with adjustable marker boxes.
  • By holding the control down, the screen will be snapped to the edges.
  • Providing preset grids to help you compose your frame layout.
  • Load and save frames for future use.
  • Frames can be created, moved, duplicated, and edited at will.


  • Move the origin to the lower-left (development work) from the upper-left (design work).
  • Positions the mouse cursor in coordinates.

System Requirements:

  • Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor

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