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xScope [4.6] Mac Crack With License Key Free Download

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xScope emerges as an indispensable set of tools tailored for designers, providing a suite of precision utilities to enhance their creative workflows.

In this article, we explore the features and functionalities of xScope, showcasing how it empowers designers with measurement, alignment, and inspection tools to ensure pixel-perfect designs and streamlined collaboration.

Pixel-Perfect Measurement:

One of the standout features of xScope is its ability to provide precise measurements of on-screen elements.

Designers can easily measure distances, dimensions, and angles, ensuring accuracy in layout and alignment.

This pixel-perfect measurement capability is crucial for maintaining design consistency and meeting the exact specifications of a project.

Guides and Rulers for Layout Precision:

xScope offers designers a set of dynamic guides and rulers that overlay on the screen, facilitating precise layout adjustments.

These tools aid in aligning elements, spacing content, and achieving the desired visual balance.

The interactive nature of the guides enhances the design process, allowing for real-time adjustments and immediate feedback.

Loupe for Detailed Inspection:

The loupe tool in xScope enables designers to zoom in on specific areas of their designs for detailed inspection.

This feature is particularly valuable for examining individual pixels, checking color accuracy, and ensuring that every detail meets the design specifications.

The loupe tool enhances the overall quality control of the design process.

Screen Capture and Quick Sharing:

xScope simplifies the process of capturing on-screen elements with its screen capture tool.

Designers can easily grab screenshots of specific areas, entire screens, or even individual windows.

The quick sharing feature allows for effortless sharing of captured images, facilitating collaboration and feedback within design teams.

Color Picker for Precise Color Selection:

Designers can precisely select and identify colors with xScope’s built-in color picker.

This tool not only aids in maintaining a consistent color palette but also allows designers to analyze color values and export them for use in design software.

The color picker enhances the efficiency of color-related tasks in the design workflow.

Crosshair for Alignment Precision:

The crosshair tool in xScope acts as a visual aid for aligning design elements with pixel-level precision.

Designers can position the crosshair precisely on-screen, ensuring accurate alignment of objects.

This tool becomes particularly valuable when working on interfaces, icons, or any design element that demands meticulous alignment.

Overlay Mode for UI Design:

xScope’s overlay mode provides designers with a transparent overlay on their screens, allowing them to visualize and assess how designs interact with the actual interface.

This feature is especially useful for UI designers, offering a real-world perspective of how the design elements integrate with the underlying content and interface components.


Dynamic Guides and Layout Grids:

Designers can activate dynamic guides and layout grids within xScope, providing a visual framework for maintaining consistency and alignment.

These tools contribute to a structured design approach, ensuring that elements adhere to a predefined grid or layout structure, which is essential for responsive and user-friendly designs.

Regular Updates for Optimal Performance:

xScope is actively maintained, with regular updates introducing new features, improvements, and compatibility enhancements.

This commitment to ongoing innovation ensures that designers have access to cutting-edge tools, optimizing their workflow and keeping pace with evolving design standards.

System Requirements:

  • Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor.

Installation Instruction:

  • First of all, click on the download links given below.
  • A torrent file will appear, Double-click on it to download the torrent.
  • Now, extract the zip file.
  • Install the game in a normal way.
  • That’s it. Have fun!


xScope stands as an indispensable companion for designers, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for precise measurement, alignment, inspection, and collaboration.

With its pixel-perfect measurement capabilities, dynamic guides, loupe tool, screen capture features, color picker, and overlay mode, xScope enriches the creative workflow of designers.

As the demands of design continue to evolve, xScope remains a reliable toolkit, empowering designers to achieve pixel-perfect precision and elevate the overall quality of their visual creations.

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